Scappoose Cruise-In February 13th

Scappoose, OR- Local businesswoman, Angela Wayman, raised in Scappoose is like many high students who moved away after high school then moved back to Scappoose to raise a family.  Angela is leading by example pulling her community together hosting community events. Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Angela organized two reverse Christmas Parades in December of 2020 in St. Helens and Scappoose communities. A reverse parade, a caravan of cars and floats, traveled to the homes to wave at residents also picked up non-perishable food for the Columbia Pacific Food Bank while spreading cheer in select neighborhoods.   She is up to nothing but good hosting another event called the called Back to Our Roots Community Cruise-In on February 13th starting at 1:00 PM click here to see the map of the parade.

“I started this event out of a love for the roots I grew up in. I am sitting here watching the many people, places, and things I have grown to love to fall apart. The many things that have made me who I am. There have been ideas in my mind of things to do since before our Christmas parade, that finally, all came together. Back to Our Roots A Community Cruise-In, is not only a way to give back to our roots, but a way for us all to come together and celebrate who we are the best way we can given what we are all going through,” responded Angela Wayman when asked why she was hosting the parade.

Angela shared, “The best thing I learned from the Christmas parade is to always follow your heart and not be afraid to let others see it.  Something I have struggled with throughout life, but now know it makes me who I am. I love who I am, and I am glad I get to share it with others.  I have some big ideas for our community and would like to do more events that brings us closer together in the future. I believe community is the core of our foundation and what makes us stand out from the rest.”

If you are interested in participating in the event contact 971-757-0271 or go to the Facebook event for more details.

Two Sisters Open Two Little Libraries

Two local sisters created two new little libraries during the pandemic, The Turquoise Table Library in Scappoose and The Baldwin Book Corner in St. Helens.  They are both a little different, but each was inspired by their love of books and wanting to make a difference in their communities.

Molly Walter, Scappoose citizen, shares that she started  The Turquoise Table Library because “The decision was two-fold:  First, as a lifelong learner and avid reader, I’ve had a dream of having a little library in our yard, ever since I first heard about this movement over a decade ago. My husband Josh surprised me with the library, made by my father-in-law, for my birthday. It’s a small way we can give to our neighborhood and encourage our kids to participate with us. Stewarding this library has brought us so much joy! Second, inspired by the book The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell, we painted the library turquoise and added a matching reclaimed picnic table to our front yard. Schell’s book discusses the idea of being present, inviting others into the conversation, and building a community around a table, and in our case also a library.” She calls it being “front yard people.” “For us, these brightly colored items in our yard aren’t ours – they belong to our community and we have the privilege of hosting them.”

Her sister, Hannah Baldwin, St. Helens resident, thought about starting one for years.  Hannah explained, “I first noticed the concept of a “little neighborhood library” when visiting family in Des Moines, IA about 13 or so years ago. I thought the idea was such a fabulous way to give back to the community. After that, I started noticing them more and more in Portland and even some in Columbia County. I dreamed of one day starting my own but never had pushed myself to do it. Molly diving into her project gave me the jumpstart I needed. I put a library on my Christmas wishlist for my husband in 2020. We set out to create the vision I had in my head and just a few weeks later, Baldwin Book Corner was born. Baldwin Book Corner is a pretty “typical” little free library in the simplest sense. We offer adult and children’s books of all varieties. I plan to put in cookbooks, magazines, and maybe even some games for all to enjoy. We get a lot of people running and walking dogs on our street, so I outfitted the library with a leash hook, water bowl, and a jar of dog treats. If you come by, you will most likely be greeted by the barks of Moo, our 15-month-old Olde English Bulldogge.”  Hannah wanted to make sure to thank her big sister Molly “for always being there to encourage me. Not only in this project but in all things in my life. I have fond memories of us reading together as kids, particularly the book All the Pretty Horses by Susan Jeffers.”

The Turquoise Table Library differs from other little libraries because it has a turquoise picnic table.  Molly mentioned that “It’s a community space, not just a library. All are welcome to come to sit, read, talk, and be known. We are anxiously anticipating the drier weather of summer so we can enjoy the table even more!”

The libraries are for their neighbors to enjoy and both encourage stopping by to take a book to read, bring a book or a friend, enjoy the space and share the libraries with others.  If you are on Instagram, follow and share your experiences @theturquoisetablelibrary and @baldwinbookcorner.

You can learn more about the Little Free Library organization by visiting There is even a map that shows registered libraries around the world.  Baldwin Book Corner charter # is 116690 located at 35144 Alder Street, St. Helens, OR and The Turquoise Table Library charter # is 113263 located at 52186 SE Tussing Way, Scappoose, OR.

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Business Bits: Get Your Paint On

Scappoose, OR –  Do you look at those paint event pictures and think, maybe I could do that?  If you do, you are not alone.  Paint events have and will continue to be a hot craze.  Local artist and business owner, Hope Wirta, Art of Hope Studios, offers paint events online and onsite for both individuals and groups.

Hope provides a variety of options to explore your paint creativity.  You can choose to socialize with a paint event with friends or to stay at home socially distanced.  You can test out your skills during one of her free Facebook live events, or join an online subscription or an onsite event to meet like-minded crafty people.  Hope also offers private events in-studio.  You can view more options for paintings on her website any past painting can be turned into an event.

Want to support local artists?  The new business platform, Patreon, offers the option to pay a monthly fee to participate in events varying from $3.00 to $10.00 with three different levels of benefits go to her page to learn more.

Hope Wirta started her business like many entrepreneurs while working a corporate job.  She spent two years hosting paint events and selling her artwork before she turned her part-time business into a full-time career as an artist and teacher.  Her Patreon profile states, “I love helping new painters overcome the fear of putting paint on a canvas and relaxing as they find their own style of art.  I hope to make painting a creative outlet for you to enjoy and have an easy step by step style of teaching.”  You can follow her YouTube Channel to engage with her teaching style.

Photo Courtesy FB page Hope Wirta The Trouble with Being Me




Beyond the Burbs- Outdoors

Updated CZ Trailhead offers a place to ride your horse, to hike, run or just a quiet place to stop and rest. Check out your community just beyond the burbs! #beyondtheburbs #columbiacountyoregon

CZ Trailhead

Updated CZ Trailhead offers a place to ride your horse, to hike, run or just a quiet place to stop and rest. Check out your community just beyond the burbs! #beyondtheburbs #columbiacountyoregon

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Business Bits: Nelson’s Neighborhood Market & Deli

Scappoose, OR –  It’s nice to go where everyone knows your name which is a benefit to shopping at your neighborhood market.   You can shop local at Nelson’s Neighborhood Market & Deli, a family run business.  New owners, Brandon and Kym are from Scappoose.  They took over the former Skinny’s which was Rose Valley for many years prior.   You can say they know their neighbors.  Kym grew up here and Brandon moved to Scappoose in the 5th grade.  They have three young boys ages Kamden 8, Bowen 6 & Lawken 3.  They all like to help out.

They have a passion for convenience stores.  Kym shared that “Brandon was a beer salesman for many years. He would go into convenience stores every day and it became a dream of his to own his own. I worked at a convenience store as a teenager and after many years it was always my favorite job. Helping people get their convenience items and delicious deli foods is a passion of ours.”

They sell all the typical items you get at a convenience store plus they have a deli.  They make the items daily.  Get there early if you want donut holes as they are a hot sell.  They have a daily Soup which was added Sept 23rd.  Kim and Brandon decided to have their favorite meal which is on Friday, a pulled pork sandwich meal.

Their weekly daily specials menu will make your mouth water and your pocketbook sing as the prices are affordable for lunch.


Shop with the Nelson’s.  They are part of this community and they love the people here.  Their goal is to serve their customers quickly, with a smile.  They look forward to seeing both new and repeat customers.  When they are not working, they try to get some hunting and camping in on their downtime.  Their boys love sports so they are busy with soccer, wrestling, and baseball.

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Business Bits: Super Joe’s Espresso

St. Helens, OR – Ever been stuck at work and really needed a coffee? Be the office superhero and have coffee delivered. Never fear, Super Joe’s Expresso is near text 503-410-9358 to place your order. New to Columbia County, Super Joe’s Expresso is a coffee/drink delivery business owned by Chad & Mackenzie Yarbor.

Super Joe’s Expresso delivers freshly made coffee in individual orders or by an event. They bring coffee to the people.  The owners have a love for veterans where they want to focus on bringing them together with our community thru fun activities. They shared that they opened the business because “We love coffee. We also have seen a need to try and create fun events to help support the families and veterans in our community! While creating fun experiences for everyone! It was also our dream to own a business that would help us build a better life for our family!”  They decided on the name Super Joe’s Expresso from “a combination of the love and theme of superheroes and the veterans who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom! Everyone also likes a good cup of Joe!!”

On the menu, you will find specialty drinks named after superheroes. Chad & Mackenzie involve their customers in naming the new flavor combination they have created relating to a superhero. This drink becomes the “drink of the month.” Follow their facebook page to stay up to date with their menu.

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Small Towns Celebrate Independence Day in Columbia County

Columbia County, OR –  Family, friends, picnic, barbeque, community, and fireworks!   How do you like to celebrate the 4th of July?  You have many options in Columbia County from Scappoose, St. Helens, Vernonia & Clatskanie or a combination of a few events since our small towns are so close.

It’s a tradition in Scappoose to start the day off with a Pancake Breakfast in Scappoose from 7:30 -11:00 AM.  It’s a donation breakfast brought to you by the Scappoose Fire Department, Scappoose Volunteer Firefighters & Highway 30 Cruisers. Families can gather and share a meal to start the day off right.  A highlight is meeting your local community responders who are raising money for graduate scholarships.

St Helens is bringing back a local favorite Hit Machine to celebrate the holiday.  The 5th Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony takes place at the Courthouse at 2:00 PM to revive an old tradition of celebrating the guardians that have gone before to protect our freedom.  Others are encouraged to join at other locations across St. Helens.  They will be shooting off the fireworks from Sand Island this year.  Follow their website to stay up to date.

Clatskanie has Heritage Days is a not to miss event.  It starts the Saturday before on the 29th with an annual Car Show and a 5 K Race to support a nonprofit that supports kids Against Child Abuse.  Heritage Days on the 4th of July is complete with all day activities like contests such as mustache & beard competition a talent show, ice cream eating, a rubber ducky contest and fireworks to end the evening.  For a full list of events visit their website

Once again, Vernonia is hosting The Great American Bash complete with an evening parade and fireworks hosted by Vernonia Firefighters.  The parade starts at 5:00 PM with a ticketed concert to follow at Hawkins Park.  You can find more events on their facebook page.

We wish you a happy and safe 4th of July from all us at  BeyondTheBurbs!

Business Bits: Columbia River Jewelers

Scappoose, OR – Tucked in next to Companion Pet Clinic in Scappoose lies new business, Columbia River Jewelers, at 33555 E Columbia Ave. in Scappoose.  Recently opened in December 2018, Erica Czerniejewski greeted new customers just in time for her first Christmas Season.  She is one of the newer businesses to open in Scappoose.

Erica has a variety of handmade jewelry that can be purchased in her shop or on her facebookpage.  She spent over ten years working in the corporate world fixing jewelry where she learned her trade.  She loves a challenge and takes pride in her work.  She can fix just about anything and likes to suggest new ideas beyond what you had even thought of which shows her many years of handling a variety of jewelry.  She can even restore vintage jewerly.

Erica modeling earings!

When you meet Erica, you can tell she is very passionate about jewelry and the jewelry that you love.  When asked when she realized she loved designing jewelry, she replied, ” I can’t really say because I have always been a creative person interested in art of various kinds. I loved going through my parent’s jewelry boxes because they collected antique pieces that look nothing like the jewelry you see today. Pieces that were made to be worn in mourning, loose stones, charms made in the mountains of Peru, Persian antiques with painted ivory…I was fascinated by the all the different styles that like snippets of cultures and people have gone by and the permanence of jewelry.  As a kid, I drew up designs for fun never imagining I’d actually make jewelry one day. I played with beading, and tried to get into jewelry classes but never was able to make it work. It wasn’t until studying at the University of Oregon that I was able to take courses at the Craft Center. I convinced one of the teachers there to let me work at his jewelry shop in Eugene where I learned how to carve and cast. From then on I knew it was what I wanted to do.” 

Talking with Ericia she shared she opened a store in Scappoose because, ” I saw a need in the community: there is currently not a local jeweler in the whole county so people have to drive 45 minutes just to get basic work done! I enjoy helping people create and restore memories that personal jewelry represents. Working face to face allows me to take the time to educate people about the best options for their keepsakes. Additionally, I operate a small farm. Running my own business allows me to go home and take care of any of my livestock that might need some additional care.  If I’m not in the shop I’m probably helping someone give birth or taking care of other animal needs. My farm, The Muddy Heart Ranch, is only 5 minutes from my shop so its pretty easy to go back and forth between the two.”

Upon entering her store, you will be welcomed by the friendly helper Roy, a border collie from working lines.  Erica mentioned that Roy’s job at home is to work the sheep and help move pigs from pasture to pasture since he isn’t needed every day he now has another job that he loves: official greeter. He loves coming to work and getting to meet all the new people! He will be turning five in March, but he is still a puppy at heart. Just throw the ball for him and he will fly just to catch it.

Erica described that some of her favorite client memories are, “When I make people cry–for joy because I restored a precious item they thought was no more! Some of the most precious pieces can be so simple: A friend asked me to make a fairly basic ring with three chevrons bands in yellow gold, no stone or anything. I didn’t think much of it until he received it and called me up to tell me how this ring represented how far he had come. He had a silver ring that he wore every day through homelessness and other trials. He built himself up and that this gold ring represented how far he had come. I love being a part of peoples celebrations of their personal milestones.”  

Welcome to Columbia County Columbia River Jewelers!

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New Community Art Project – Flagship Columbia County

Columbia County, OR –   Columbia Arts Guild (CAG) has partnered with one of their  members and program creater, Joan Youngberg, to put on another community art project after her successful “This is US St Helens Project.”  You can read more about the past project here.  Their new project is called Flagship Columbia County.  Where the first project painted homes which are currently on display at the South Columbia County Chamber of Commerce patio 2194 Columbia Blvd, this new project will have participants from across Columbia County painting flags.  Grants were secured for this project by Columbia County Cultural Coalition (CCCC) & The Oregon Foundation by Columbia Arts Guild.

Each community member can paint on a piece of 5 X 8 Tyvek, a waterproof siding material provided at the paint location.  These pieces will make up our uniqueness once assembled to create a banner displayed somewhere in Columbia County over the summer according to their facebook page. You can join in the fun at any one of their painting events such as the one at Running Dogs Brewery from 5-8 PM on February 22nd.   This is open to any group that would like to participate.  Please contact Joan Youngberg at if you have questions.

The Columbia Arts Guild has membership open to any artists or supporter. You can support the group by becoming a member and supporting their projects.

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